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Immigrant Entrepreneurs of LabCentral & BioLabs Continuing to Make America Great

Johannes Fruehauf, physician scientist, immigrant entrepreneur, and proud father of three American children speaks out in a STATNews First Opinion piece. "As a German and as a student of history, I feel especially attuned and alarmed...if the anti-immigration rhetoric goes unchecked, unfiltered, and increasingly accepted, and is heard by entrepreneurs around the globe, I'm worried they will stay home or go elsewhere, and America will lose its competitive edge — along with its moral high ground. Immigration is good for business, good for our communities, and good for our country. It's the essence of the American dream and spirit. All of us, immigrants and native-born Americans, must speak out against bigoted bombast and stand up to those whose are moving (or even just tweeting) to oppose or limit legal immigration. It's the right and smart thing to do."

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