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Practice Specialties


It’s three-fifths through spring semester. The family’s cross-country travel plans for graduation are set. You just found out that your trip across the stage to trade handshake for diploma rides on a final paper and oral presentation for a class you attended exactly three times and thought you successfully dropped. Gulp!

Congratulations. Your biggest customer (a marquis brand!) has taken delivery of your breakthrough diagnostic, which is poised to change the industry. In a rare and resounding expression of unanimity, Morning Joe and Fox and Friends have paused their regular broadcasts in anticipation of the breaking news. What could go wrong? Is your miracle product delivering results with 98.5% sensitivity and specificity as it did in clinical trials? No! In the customer’s hands, your miracle product is producing cappuccino rather than lab results – and it tastes nasty!


The big day. Three years late; $1 million over budget; two tradeshow New Product Showcase “Sneak Peek Previews” later, the product-development engineers are excited to unveil the new instrument to you, the newly promoted chief marketing officer. Ta da! It delivers results with highest-degree of sensitivity – beats anything on the market! And it’s a beige box full of switches, dials, and connectors that’s the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and every component has to be hand-tooled. Price? Well, the competition just launched theirs (size of an iPhone, customizable with customer logo and choice of colors) for $99.99. Manufacturing costs alone for your new product: round numbers, roughly $100K.

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At Mirepoix, we won’t promise your recurring nightmares will disappear (some nights Caroline still looks in vain for her junior high school locker), but we can definitely help prepare you for their antecedents in the real world. For example:

Are you raising capital? We can help you reach potential investors with a pitch-perfect road-show deck and compelling collateral. We also offer media and presentation training to make sure your excitement about your company translates to your audience so they care about it almost as much as you do. We’ll also prepare you to answer the tough questions comfortably (or recover gracefully when you wish something had gone a different way)

Are you launching a new product? We can help you with the full continuum of upstream and downstream marketing needs, for example:

  • Voice-of-the customer studies to ensure your product-development team is creating home-run products that the market really wants

  • Positioning, pricing, or reimbursement strategy and marcom and tradeshow collateral

  • Press releases, bylined articles, and media outreach to get the word out about your launch

Are you integrating several technology carve-outs into a new customer-focused startup? Or stymied by scale-up or reproducibility issues when moving from lab to customer site? We have experience there too; finding the root cause of problems; helping leadership change culture and build cohesive teams

Our disciplines:


Strategy, advocacy, & collateral for:

  • Media, government, & investor relations

  • Merger & acquisitions

  • Business integration / transition


  • Reimbursement & pricing strategy

  • Market segmentation & top-line value creation

  • Branding / product launch and management


  • Lean / Six Sigma applied to various processes

  • Quality systems

  • Sales & operations planning

  • Innovation systems

Let us help turn your vision into concrete action – to move the mission forward faster.