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Passion. Experience. Determination.


Mirepoix founders Joel de Jesus and Caroline Grossman first began working together in 2010, when Joel became vice president of business development and marketing at her client, Magellan Biosciences, a clinical-diagnostic company with three distinct business units. 

Together, we developed the strategic messaging and crafted countless presentations and supplementary materials to support the CEO and execute the growth strategy for the $70 million, VC-funded business. 

The collaboration led quickly to the establishment of multiple joint ventures, filling gaps in the product line, ultimately enabling the sale of the company’s microbiology business unit to Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2011. 

We also teamed up on public health advocacy, crisscrossing the country to highlight and combat regulatory and reimbursement barriers to point-of-care diagnostics. We met and helped rally to the cause extraordinary people in all levels of government, academia, health plans, health centers, healthcare providers, educators, community advocates, and parents. Our advocacy efforts were very successful. The result: a 12% increase in point-of-care blood-lead testing in children (and a proportional increase of sales), despite severe cuts to the CDC’s childhood lead blood-lead testing program.

And we cooked along the way. 

Caroline introduced Joel to her “leeks and vermouth make almost everything better” philosophy (she learned that from her mother Alberta). Joel taught Caroline about the world of salty sauces from Asia Pacific, about the awesomeness of pork belly, and (if you care about flavor), not to be afraid of fatty meats.

We were each good cooks on our own. But together... 

An expanded menu. More-comprehensive and yet nuanced flavors. New takes on old favorites. Just better.  

That’s why we founded and named our company Mirepoix LLC. We can offer our clients a  richer, more-comprehensive set of consulting services when we combine the breadth of our skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to get the job done.

In cooking, a mirepoix combines key ingredients, creating the base upon which to build more flavors. And that’s how we  like to work with clients — helping to craft the foundation to build their company; and working with them to meet milestones, succeed, and grow. 

Who we are:

☎ (847) 343-0537 |  joel@mirepoixllc.com

☎ (847) 343-0537 | joel@mirepoixllc.com


joel de jesus

Joel leads our commercial operations advisory initiatives. He has more than 20 years of experience in the global diagnostic, medical device, and large-scale manufacturing industries, working for companies ranging from small biotech startups like Nanosphere to multi-billion dollar companies such as Baxter Healthcare and Motorola. He brings wide-ranging talent and experience in upstream and downstream marketing, but really excels in implementing plans and tactics by establishing strategic relationships with government agencies and industry groups that foster revenue growth.

At Immucor Inc., he successfully navigated though various government agencies and its contractors to secure favorable coverage and payment for the company’s first FDA-approved molecular-diagnostic product. His leadership of cross-functional teams has produced a strong legacy of customer-centric product development, quality, and enterprise effectiveness. He was also chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. Previously, Joel was VP of marketing and business development for Magellan, where he led the company’s efforts to build relationships with Medicaid managed care organizations, public health and social service providers, and policy-makers. He established Magellan’s founding support for National Minority Quality Forum’s LeadRiskIndex.com site, creating a first-ever tool enabling the public to research and better understand the risk for lead poisoning at ZIP-code-level granularity. In 2017, Joel was appointed as a member of the AABB Coding and Reimbursement Committee. The committee is charged with addressing transfusion medicine and cellular therapies reimbursement issues. He is certified as a green belt in Lean Six Sigma.


Lisle, Illinois

Master’s of Business Administration

Bachelor’s degree, Biomedical Engineering


CPT Coding and Coverage Determination − First to achieve approval for a Proprietary Laboratory Analysis (PLA) code from the American Medical Association. Gained specific product coverage determinations for Medicare reimbursement

Specializes in Transitions During and After M&A − 

  • Carve-out of Fenwal from Baxter

  • Divestiture of Trek Diagnostic to ThermoFisher

  • Post-acquisition integration of LifeCodes into Immucor Inc.


☎ (781) 771-5579 |  caroline@mirepoixllc.com

☎ (781) 771-5579 | caroline@mirepoixllc.com



A seasoned communications and public affairs professional, Caroline’s clients range from global equipment companies, clinical labs, to biotech startups and the enterprises that house, support, and fund them. To that end, she directs the communications and public affairs programs for LabCentral and the BioLabs Network, which builds and operates premium coworking lab facilities around the country, designed specifically for science-based startups to help them go further, faster on limited capital investment. Over her two-decade-plus career, Caroline has helped numerous companies raise capital, go public, merge/be acquired and communicate with their various stakeholders. She does this in every way appropriate for the circumstance: indirectly through successful placements of stories in major media outlets and trade publications, issues advocacy, and special events as well as directly via press releases, shareholder letters, roadshow presentations, patient resource materials, annual reports, websites, and speeches.

Caroline also is dedicated to public service, working to strengthening communities through health, environment, housing, and education initiatives. She serves as the chair of the best practices committee for the Institute for Medicaid Innovation − a nonprofit thinktank dedicated to improving the lives of Medicaid enrollees. The Institute seeks to understand what works well in the Medicaid program, identify areas for improvement, and disseminate innovative initiatives and solutions that address critical issues.

Caroline has been instrumental in helping to draft a major rewrite of the Commonwealth’s lab-licensing requirements and practice standards to better align with federal standards, best practices, and national norms through the Massachusetts Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Advisory Committee – the first major overhaul of the regs in nearly four decades. In March 2018, her fellow members selected her to be the committee’s chairperson. 

She also chairs the nominating and development committees as a board member of Charles River Community Health, a federally qualified health center that serves more than 12,700 patients annually through community- and school-based clinics in the Boston area. Over the past decade as a public health advocate, she has worked with legislatures, advocates, and departments of health in numerous states, chalking up numerous successes.


Medford, Massachusetts

Bachelor’s degree, fine arts, magna cum laude



  • New Jersey State Senate & General Assembly — Crafted language and lobbied for passage of bill, eliminated statutory restrictions on point-of-care testing through passage of “an act concerning bio-analytical and clinical laboratories and amending Chapter 86 of the NJ. P.L.1953, c.420 and P.L.1975, c.166”

  • Maryland Clinical Laboratory Regulatory ReformDelivered key testimony to General Assembly resulting in the establishment of Task Force to Study Point-of-Care Testing for Lead Poisoning; provided expert support to Department of Health and Mental Hygiene staff for Task Force and Lab Advisory Committee meetings leading ultimately to elimination of regulatory restrictions

  • Healthy Rhode Island State Healthcare Innovation PlanActive member of two work streams (Community Health Initiatives; Health Information, Technology and Measurement) for the Healthy Rhode Island State Healthcare Innovation Plan to advise the state as it developed the road map to transform its healthcare system from a volume-based system into one that is value based

  • State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation – Awarded March 2012 in recognition of “exemplary health and educational advocacy” to raise awareness about the dangers of lead poisoning and its connection to minority health disparities and the achievement gap